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SEP 2023
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FIECON Expert Advice Sessions

What are FIECON Expert Advice sessions?

Meet us face-to-face in Switzerland to discuss solutions for your key challenges and how to optimise HTA success in Europe?
  • FREE 45 min in-person strategic discussions with key industry experts
  • Brainstorm solutions to key challenges with experienced HEOR experts
  • Validate your HEOR strategy and value evidence
  • Learn more about FIECON’s key areas of expertise and discuss opportunities for collaboration
  • We come to you in Basel and Zug!
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SEP 2023


SEP 2023

Why should you join?

One of our core values at FIECON is to "deliver results and delight clients" .
To do this well we need to offer proactive, consultative support to our potential partners. We've taken the time to think about the most common issues facing industry today and organised topics around each for our FIECON expert advice sessions, detailed below.
Are there any golden rules to HTA post submission success?
HTA appraisal meetings can be intense, and are a high stakes game. FIECON frequently represents our partners at appraisal meetings and has recommendations on the scope of support, preparation, and execution that get you a positive reimbursement result.
What is the best way to valuate my pipeline product opportunities?
This session will show you how to methodologically quantify early value assessment decisions to drive  go/no-go decisions in the product pipeline.
How to best fit single arm trial data into HTA submission requirements?
This session explores how methods such as propensity score matching and matching adjusted indirect comparisons can be used to develop comparative effectiveness evidence.
What is the right cost effectiveness model for my product?
In this session, we focus on your product, target product profile and the competitive environment to outline the key considerations and for model types (Markov vs discrete event simulation vs partitioned survival model) and make a recommendation.
How can I build a strong value case for my product despite immature overall survival data?
Explore survival analysis techniques for economic models and HTA submissions that have proven to be acceptable and compelling.
What can I learn and leverage from early HTA submissions in the UK and Germany?
Best leverage your economic models and submission dossiers in the UK and Germany in downstream submissions with these model and dossier adaptation pro tips and insights.
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Industry Experts

Indeg Sly

Associate Director, HEOR & Access
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Lydia Walder

Associate Director, HEOR & Access
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What our clients say...

“Apart from their flawless technical expertise, we have a reliable thought partner to pressure test new ideas and strategies that have a broader relevance than purely health economic aspects.”
Disease Area Director, Big Pharma
“FIECON are my go-to trusted partner. The team deliver high quality work to timeline, every time. But more than this, FIECON has worked as part of our team, working towards achieving the best possible outcome by providing high level strategic input and challenge during our discussions.“
Market Access Director
“FIECON’s strategic approach to problem solving is a breath of fresh air. We highly value their HTA knowledge and expertise, and they consistently deliver the best solution for us.”
Value Demonstration and Access Lead
“FIECON are brilliantly smart and very well explained. It seems obvious now but that is what genius is, making complex things appear simple.”
Associate Director
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